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How to inject HiEnergy into your business performance.

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How to unlock the comfort zone & unleash HiPerformance.

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How to fuel HI Employee Engagement & Collaboration.



"Our purpose and passion is providing a system, tools, inspiration, and practical coaching of Body Energy Awareness for office bound employees. We thrive on transforming great teams to HiACHIEVRS, improving people’s personal focus, productivity, engagement and creativity.”

"Stop waiting for a change, be the change yourself..."



"The Employee Engagement and Digital Transformation are two essential features of a modern progressive business to make it successful, survive and thrive in the market place."

The HiACHIEVR Program helps progressive companies enhance Organizational Agility, Innovation, and Leadership.
It is designed to improve Employee Engagement for organizations with predominantly desk bound workforce.
The reward for the business being a boost in productivity, creativity and engagement.

The 12 week practical guided course enables participants to develop Body Energy Awareness, making it a natural part of the mindset.



Most people don’t realize that prolonged sitting drains energy.
Low energy is a common symptom of sedentary living. It’s the body’s natural response to immobility and leads to poor quality of life and reduced work performance.


And, sitting for 6 hours a day is sedentary living!


Mobility, on the other hand, generates a constant supply of renewable energy.
An abundance of energy increases personal Productivity and Creativity.
HiENERGY in work environment lifts employee engagement and facilitates business and personal success.


Everyone can boost and maintain a high level of personal Energy!


Our system of workforce transition to Mobility Awareness, adopted as a daily behavior, is the only effective and scientifically proven way to increase and sustain personal energy. We help organizations and individuals make it happen for a more satisfying work and enjoyable living!



The HiACHIEVR Course triggers body and mind energy through a natural physiological body change.


Promotes the Physical and Mental Awareness.

Wakes up your Brain to its full potential.

Empowers a Teamwork, Personal Responsibility and Empathy

Develops Self-Esteem and empowers Self-Actualization.

  mind awareness

Workday Mind Awareness Fluctuations with Physical Activity Breaks


The HiACHIEVR Course is a team activity with customized plans for individuals.


The HiACHIEVR promotes a sustainable Health and Productive Behavior.



How can your organization benefit from the HiACHIEVR Program?


  Increased Employees Engagement.

  Double digit Productivity Improvement.

  Improved Collaboration.

  More Effective Teamwork.

  Improved Workplace Culture.

  Increased Creative Energy.

  Restored Work Life Balance.




Use the ROI calculator to model your business return on your $1200 investment in your employees Mobility Awareness and Wellness.

  Enter the number of your employees.

  Enter current non-activity (sitting) period 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

  Enter median salary of your employees.

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