The HiACHIEVR system


Recognizing the Problem

iconic companies
Why do these most successful companies invest millions in quirky office design and lifestyle activities for their employees?

These makes them an Employer Brand of choice for the best talent and attracts more investors and free media.

But, does it help them be more productive, more innovative or more competitive?

In a word…

Today, a vast majority of the office workforce practice Sedentary Lifestyle, and employers have been aware for decades of the risk of poor ergonomics.
The cost impact of sedentary life on people’s physical and mental health is massive.
This subsequently, limits creativity, productivity and business performance.

Prolonged sitting reduces your Cognitive Availability and impacts the Emotional Intelligence. It degrades the quality of the decision making, management abilities, leadership qualities and productivity.

Is this YOU?

What’s The Solution

Today’s scarcest business resource is the highly resilient, fully cognitively available and productive human capital of your workforce.

When your people are cognitively available for 8 hours per day, rather than the normal 3 hours per day, every business can drive productivity improvement fast.

Adopting HiACHIEVR active office practices restores the entire body and cognitive functions to its full potential.

How does that stack-up financially?

CLICK on Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator below and find out.


Making commitment

Personal Leadership is our ability to make a commitment and follow it through.

HiACHIEVR is a system of behaviors and techniques promoting a continuous mind awareness and cognitive availability. It also leads to improvement of balance and endurance and mitigates sedentary diseases.
The HiACHIEVR 7-stage 12 weeks program makes it easy and results sustainable.

STAGE 1: Clarify What We Want To Achieve (Management)

STAGE 2: Understand The Purpose (Employees)

STAGE 3:) Designing Foundation (individualized plans)

STAGE 4:) Preparation (physiological foundations)

STAGE 5: Transition (active office)

STAGE 6: Consolidation (building resilience)

STAGE 7: Continuation Support (advanced techniques)

The Result

HiACHIEVR system improves your body intelligence, the teamwork inside you, your body organs activated by body sensors and external feedback.

Your emotional intelligence will improve helping you to interact with environment and other people.

The brain awareness and cognitive availability functions will improve leading to increased productivity.

The production and functions of hormones and enzymes gets restored to its optimum, leading to healthier life.

Increased Employees Engagement

Productivity Improvement

Improved Collaboration

More Effective Teamwork

Increased Creative Energy

Restored Work Life Balance


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About You

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How would you like to lead a team of highly energised and engaged people, who not only love what they do, but have a renewable supply of energy and stamina to generate new ideas and drive them to success?

And, they… don’t burn out, don’t get sick and don’t go home to just vege-out… The fulfilling life continues…
Would you like to be part of such team?

What if YOUR business was famous as a place where creativity and customer focus in everything you do was as natural as breathing?

What if YOUR Brand had reputation as best in your industry, the coolest place to work for, and the most exciting company to do business with?

At HiACHIEVR, we help you build your team of HiAchievrs and make it easy and sustainable!

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Sedentary Employee


HiACHIEVR … Life is a Movement

Have you noticed that the higher we rise professionally or personally, the less we move and the more time we spend sitting down? Isn’t that the privilege of success, a mark of achievement?
Great. Right?

Ask yourself: at what cost to you?

So, here it is: 6 hidden costs of Sedentary Lifestyle:

#1: your mood takes a dive
#2: your risk of diabetes and cancer skyrockets
#3: you start to forget things
#4: your sex life slows down
#5: your motivation for work and life gets poor
#6: your backache gets worse

After decades of sitting a transition to office mobility is a serious undertaking.

HiACHIEVR program will help you to get there seamlesly and painlesly.

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