Is the Brain Rejuvenation Possible

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the HiACHIEVR Program |

Despite sounding like an advertisement from a magic lotion blurb or Ginko Biloba pills label, it is a true scientific fact. In order to rejuvenate brain cells, one requires stem cells and environment to activate them to growth.

The research at the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine demonstrated brain tissue rejuvenation based on a revolutionary treatment of veterans with traumatic brain injuries. Following that, the treatment was extended to many non-combat patients. The revolutionary aspect of these medical studies, with the results supported by MRI brain scans of patients undergoing HBOT treatment, are astonishing brain rejuvenation and improved cognition. Refreshing fact is that there is no need to purchase any drugs.

For last 5 years, I have observed similar effect with my clients participating in our high altitude adventures, including myself. I have reported my observations in some of my articles but I was unable to link it to controlled research until I studied papers by Dr. Shai Efrati.

My original explanation stemmed from high altitude exercise physiology. I linked it to an increased production of red blood cells to deliver sufficient amount of oxygen at the high altitude. The observable effect of improved cognition and energy lasts a couple of months after returning from high altitude but the studies indicate even more long-term benefits.

So how and why does that work? The brain forms 2% of our body mass but uses 20% of oxygen and 25% of body glucose, a huge demand on other systems and organs competing for energy resources.

In 90’s scientists participated in BIOSPHERE2 experiment noticed by coincident that caloric restriction diet leads to organ regeneration. Another words hunger causes the body to use protein as a fuel and at the same time, it stimulates a to stem cell regeneration when a supporting environment becomes available.

Similarly reducing oxygen concentration stimulates stem cell production in the brain and brain cell rejuvenation, angiogenesis.

The HiACHIEVR Program protocols, based on my personal experience in high altitude training and the latest neurological research, leads not only to physical improvement in metabolism but also improves the cognition.

Tony Olejnicki – an engineer, adventurer, motivator and exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training – is the creator of IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure), an inspirational company helping professional working in an office environment to improve life quality and experience a motivational Himalayan adventure.

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