About HiACHIEVR Creator

Tony Olejnicki
Creator of HiACHIEVR
Mob: 0421 250 444

   Most of my friends call me the adventurer but I prefer to be seen as curious to explore the world and living the life adventure. Life is so beautiful, short and so precious, there is no time to waste but to take it full on whenever possible. Imagine yourself reflecting on your life. The balance of your achievements and regrets is the measure of your satisfaction.   

Tony Olejnicki - Exercise Physiologist and Systems Engineer experienced a very rich life adventure including:

Scientific Transantarctic traverse,

Climbing 8000m peaks,

Epic bike rides around Australia, South America, North America,

Challenging professional engineering work,

Exploring exotic cultures and traditions,

Climbing 100+ peaks above 9000ft.

In 2004 Tony graduated in exercise physiology from Ashmed College in Seattle specializing in high altitude training.

In 2010 he started the Infinite Mountain Adventure, the high altitude adventure business focusing on:

Climbing adventures in Himalayas for executives seeking a personal challenge,

An innovative personal development concept for executives,

Helping executives to break through a comfort zone,

Becoming better decision makers and team players.

In 2017 Tony created the HiACHIEVR Program grounded in Exercise Physiology and System Engineering and designed to help chair-bound office employees in Australia:

Increase work efficiency,

Improve employee engagement,

Achieve better personal health and fitness without strenuous exercises,

Become physiologically younger.

HiACHIEVR Program is based on latest research in human mobility and personal experience.