What is Active Work Life System (AWL)

The HiACHIEVER Active Work and Life (AWL) System is a program for sedentary employees which enables higher productivity and better life quality with more time while working at the desk. In the post-COVID-19 era of social isolation, the risk of contracting deadly pathogens increases with decreased immunity from the lack of exposure to diverse environments. The HiACHIEVR AWL-System stimulates body immunity through the development of systematic behavioural and nutritional habits and practices. HiACHIEVR AWL-System brings innovative disruption to the post-COVID-19 world of work and life.

Do you spend more than 6 hours a day sitting – at your desk, commuting, meetings, and sedentary home entertainment?

Sedentary lifestyle limits Cognitive Availability to only three productive hours. You are hence restricting 8-hours working day by 5 hours. Even the most talented are not exempt from many slips of Cognitive Availability per day. The opportunities to recover the time to balance your work and life are one of the features of the HiACHIEVR AWL-System in addition to resetting your biological age, improving your metabolic energy and productivity without mental and physical exhaustion at the end of your day. Our difference is sustainability for life without disruption, transparent to your business processes and tailored to every employee.

Cognitive Availability with Process Improvement increases Productivity, Sales and Revenue

Guess what happens every minute
"Every minute one sedentary Australian over 50 gets diagnosed with one or more sedentary conditions"

Why AWL System is Business Priority

Helping Business and Employees

The HiACHIEVR AWL-System is a win-win proposition for employers and employees. An employee with sedentary behaviour is set to achieving only 3 hours of Cognitive Availability during 8-hours working day. Notwithstanding, he forfeits precious time of his unique life, metabolic energy generated by NEAT behaviour and also creates uncertain short-term and long-term health prospects.

It is just as devastating for the business with productivity opportunities lost despite horrendous stress and pain-inflicting on the staff. The AWL-System provides a simple, logical and straightforward solution to productivity and better life quality for employees vindicated by over 30 years of research.

Uncover short and long term implications of sedentary behaviour on your work and life to discover what you can achieve with the AWL-System,


In the Short Term

  • Your mood takes a dive
  • your risk of diabetes and cancer skyrockets
  • you start to forget things
  • your sex life slows down
  • your motivation for work and life gets poor
  • your aches and pains intensify, and
  • your work gets more deficient with age
A little later...    

In the Long Term

your chance of developing one or more Sedentary-condition skyrockets in the 50s:
  • type-2 diabetes, coronary artery heart disease, stroke, sedentary lifestyle cancers, early-onset dementia, obesity
  • Your life expectancy plummets, you age prematurely, and you risk premature death.
The Active-Work-Life-System lessens these risks and costs with a sustainable physiological transformation for life, while you work at your desk.

How can we help Your Business

HiACHIEVR Active Office System

Why does every business need a daily dose of AWL-System (or AWL tools)?

We are all different whether business or individual. We do different things to contribute to the community in a meaningful and competitive way. However we all need more time to stay ahead of competition and maintain a healthy body and mind. The AWL-System will allow doubling time by doubling Cognitive Availability.
HiACHIEVR Active Work and Life System (AWL-System) is an online program embedded within the interactive LMS (Learning Management System) environment with 3 personally customised ZOOM sessions:

  • Program Setup
  • Halfway Review
  • Where From Here

Open for individuals ready for physiological transformation to make lives amazing and productive. The 12-weeks program is a serious commitment to change to an active, more productive, engaged and collaborative individual with energy, curiosity, a healthy body and mind, open to learning and life adventure. The AWL System is designed to be transparent and non-disruptive to the business process and lifestyle. The program builds to meaningful and sustainable physiological transformation starting at the current state of body and mind.

AWL for Business

HiACHIEVR Active Work-Life System helps businesses to improve productivity in a substantial way and to identify the process bottlenecks hence creating an opportunity for process improvement. The AWL-System doubles employee cognitive availability, engagement and collaboration the basis for business competitive advantage in the marketplace.

AWL For Home Office Consult

Active Work-Life System addresses productivity and life quality in isolation, Behavioural and nutritional systems counteract isolation to become healthier, fitter, smarter and younger. Active behaviour produces elevated levels of cognitive availability improving productivity supported by increased metabolic energy with AWL-system and CNS.

AWL Community

All participants will be invited to join the AWL support community. The purpose is to leverage yourself to sustain your AWL System life and work quality. Being isolated can be lonely and demotivating. Undertaking periodical challenges is inspiring. After all, life doesn’t end at the last ZOOM session, life is for life.

Free Consultation

HiACHIEVR Active Work-Life System is a customised online program with 3 personal ZOOM sessions including: Program setup, Halfway review, Where from here. We are all different as individuals and businesses. The free consultation is a discovery session to understand your needs for life quality and productivity


Employee & Business transformation

Partnerships for authentic experiences

There is a lot at stake for you, your people, and ultimately, your business. Never has it been more evident than in 2020, amid Covid-19, how crucial good work and lifestyle habits are for personal and business health. 12-weeks HiACHIEVR AWL-System program helps to develop a conscious and systematic active behaviour.  A Combination of knowledge and practices leads to sustainable physiological transformation for better life and work efficiency and better work-life balance.

Sustainable active behaviour and nutritional habits and practices developed during the program improve Cognitive Availability, Endurance, Body Balance and Health outcomes.

Doubling cognitive availability effectively allows recovery of time lost due to sedentary behaviour. Increased cognitive availability leads to identifying process bottlenecks and the opportunity to improve business processes.

Transformation for Your People

Cognitive Availability

A significant increase in Cognitive Availability will have a profound impact on your employees affording them the time forfeited in sedentary behaviour improving Productivity and enriching personal lives

Employee Engagement

A healthy strong upright posture created with the HiACHIEVER AWL-System encourages personal confidence to engage with the interlocutor. Reduced work stress more time and personal confidence promotes employee engagement

Employee Collaboration

The HiACHIEVR AWL-System helps to develop sustainable active behaviour, an evolutionary preference for the human body and mind, improving the management of neurochemicals enhancing group Collaboration

Transformation for Your Business

Business Productivity

Doubling the Cognitive Availability is the key feature of the HiACHIEVR AWL-System. It doubles the employee time, a non-renewable resource, It allows substantial Productivity improvements without the stress of work overload

Process Improvement

The HiACHIEVR AWL-System helps the business to identify bottlenecks in the business processes. Increased Cognitive Availability is an essential primer for employees to increase productivity through process improvement

Employee Retention

Motivation to improve employee health and endurance while working at the desk, becoming younger, fitter, smarter while getting paid for it at the same, will create unprecedented employee value and the employer of choice.

FAQ Questions

HiACHIEVR evolved from the IMA project focused on helping executives to get out of their comfort zone and become more successful leaders through the physiological and cultural challenge of high altitude climbing adventure in the Himalayas. 5 years long project enabled us to develop a unique program combining system engineering, exercise physiology and evolutionary psychology.

At HiACHIEVR we are serious about the success of our customers and put them ahead of any short term financial goals. We strive for 100% success. Naturally, HiACHIEVR welcomes everybody but the condition of participation is mutual commitment. We accept only clients with a strong commitment. We rather urge our clients to delay participation until they are ready then setting them up for failure.
The size of the business doesn’t matter. We work with teams of employees, typically 10 to 20 as well as single employees such as home based consultants. HiACHIEVR success is in developing a small team of employees who can relate to each other, support each other and develop skills of engagement and collaboration to improve life quality and work satisfaction promoting employee engagement through building common goals.

Our Company

We Bring to the table win-win Business-Employee engagement and collaboration formula to set you apart from competition

We believe that no business can be successful and survive without employees. We also know from our practice and experience supported by scientific research that systematic and purposeful mobility and intelligent nutrition practices deliver cognitive availability and continuous metabolic energy to drive employees to extreme satisfaction putting the business ahead of competition.


Building Engagement and collaboration
Through physiological transformation ...

Business solutions giving you extra time to get there.