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HiACHIEVR Active Office System

Evolution from humble beginning…


HiACHIEVR Active Office System evolved from the Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) project, a Leadership Concept Program developed by Tony Olejnicki in 2009. The motto of the IMA project was to empower executives with courage and skills to ‘Get Out of a Comfort Zone’ and become a better executive-leader.
This was accomplished through a physiological, cultural and psychological challenge concluded with the high altitude climb (6200m) in the Himalayas. Athletic training focused on the high altitude adventure prepared participant to reap benefits of brain tissue regenerative Neurogenesis process.
Neurogenesis is the most beneficial process for longevity, brain revitalization and increased brain growth capacity.
Controlled Oxygen deprivation of the high altitude challenges hippocampus to Neurogenesis.


Knowledge and experience of the IMA project were transferred to the HiACHIEVR Active Office System program to help sedentary employees improve office work efficiency and health prospects. The Active Office system program is based on the latest research in human mobility, exercise physiology, neurology, nutrition and behavioural psychology.

During 12 weeks program, we help sedentary office employees transition to active office behaviour. This includes a fundamental knowledge about the body physiology, nutritional system and psychological practices to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

The objective of the HiACHIEVR Active Office System is to develop life-long habits of a healthy and efficient lifestyle conducive to healthy longevity.

In the short term, the goal is to increase cognitive availability.

Why HiACHIEVER Active Office System

At HiACHIEVR we are passionate about improving the life quality of sedentary office workers through a physiological transformation.
We understand the feeling and benefits of being healthy and fit.
We treasure inspirational human potential, ingenuity and desires.
So we also understand what it means to be inspired and motivated and what it takes to do that and enjoy it.
We understand how hard it is to change physiologically after 66,000 hours of sitting (typical 40 years old sedentary employee). Our speciality is to make it easy with the Program of the Active Office System.
We value human life, health and time. Time is the most precious non-renewable resource so the office environment, where one spends half of life, is the best place to redeem the time.

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