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HiACHIEVR Active Office System

Solving the Productivity Limitations in Business

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The HiACHIEVER Active Office System contains tools to help sedentary employees enhancing Cognitive Availability, Metabolic Energy, Employee Engagement and Productivity and embeds them into practice through deliberate development of fundamental habits.

High Cognitive Availability, when combined with Process Improvement, provides a business with substantial Productivity advantage over the competition by elevating Employee Engagement and Collaboration.


Cognitive Availability + Process Improvement = Productivity

  1. Do you spend more than 6 hours a day sitting – at your desk, commuting, meetings, and sedentary home entertainment?

  2. Do you know all the implications of a sedentary lifestyle on Health, Life Expectancy, Personal Performance and Business Productivity?

  3. Are you currently working on the improvement of your Business Productivity? What measures do you have in place to increase Productivity? Are they effective for Productivity improvements?

  4. Is your work-life balance affecting the quality of your relationships? Do you experience lack of time? What measures do you have in place to increase your time? Are they good enough to double your time?

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Is Productivity and Employee Engagement a fundamental issue stopping your business to outpace the competition?

Many Businesses face limit of Productivity and it often involves Employee Engagement. What if there was an effective, elegant and viable solution that will revolutionize Productivity and Employee Engagement?

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About the HiACHIEVR

HiACHIEVR evolved from the Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) project, a Leadership Concept Program developed by Tony Olejnicki in 2009 to empower executives with courage and skills to ‘Get Out of a Comfort Zone’ and become a better executive-leader through a physiological, cultural and psychological challenge of the high altitude climb (6200m) in the Himalayas.

Knowledge and experience gained within the IMA project and supported with relevant background studies in neurology, physiology and behavioural psychology were transferred to the HiACHIEVR Active Office System program to help sedentary employees improve efficiency and health prospects.

At HiACHIEVR we are passionate about improving the life quality of sedentary office workers through a physiological transformation after 66,000 hours of sitting (typical 40 years old sedentary employee).

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