AWL-System - Key to Productivity and Life Quality

The HiACHIEVER Active Work-Life System (AWL-System) is a 12-weeks  program, specifically designed for office-based teams and individual consultants working from the home office, to transition from Sedentary Behaviour to deliberate Active Behaviour.  Active behaviour is essential for a better more efficient way of work and life-enhancing body and Mind Efficiency, Longevity, Metabolic Energy and longterm Health outcomes.

The HiACHIEVER AWL- System contains tools to help sedentary employees enhancing Cognitive Availability, Metabolic Energy, Employee Engagement and Productivity.

The AWL-System enables Cognitive Availability through deliberate development of fundamental mobility habits and deliberate nutritional system transparent to your culturally inspired dietary preferences. 

High Cognitive Availability, when combined with Process Improvement, delivers a substantial Productivity advantage over the competition by elevating Employee Engagement, Collaboration, Metabolic Energy and Health.

HiACHIEVR AWL-System Recovers Lost Time

Time is not only a non-renewable resource, but it is also the most valuable asset for any individual. Lack of time is the primary source of stress. A typical sedentary person masters only 3 out of 8 hours of Cognitive Availability during the working day, consequently limiting Productivity and needlessly forfeiting valuable time. Adapting to AWL-System practices enables 8 hours of Cognitive Availability during 8-hour office day without being exhausted physically and mentally at the end of the day.

The Science Behind AWL-System

The AWL- system mimics the evolutionary behaviour of our ancestors’ encoded to our DNA over 300,000 years of human evolution. AWL-system tools activate Metabolic Energy throughout the entire day preventing mental and physical exhaustion at the end of the day.

The program is based on a vast body of Sedentary Behavior Research peer-reviewed science emerged in the early 1980s of scientists from diverse fields such as exercise physiology, behavioural psychology, nutrition, engineering, ergonomics united in the SBRN (Sedentary Behaviour Research Network).

Engagement and Collaboration preferences are natural to the evolutionary group survival instinct for the human tribal organisation in contrast to lonely wolf behaviour. Hence the habits and practices developed during the HiACHIEVR AWL-System program promote Productivity. The HiACHIEVR AWL-System, based on evolutionary psychology, allows instinctively natural development of life-long sustainable habits.

Based on the principles of NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) amplified by CNS (Circadian Nutritional System) it helps the body to defeat insulin resistance and deliver glucose to muscular and neural (brain) cells enhancing metabolic energy, enhancing brain plasticity, brain rejuvenation (neurogenesis in Hippocampus) and lowering biological age. HiACHIEVR AWL-System draws of the latest peer-reviewed research in exercise physiology, neurology and nutrition.

The uniqueness of the AWL-System is creating a systematic and sustainable system for mobility and nutrition for healthy individuals. AWL-System helps to maximise Cognitive Availability, Metabolic Energy, long-term Health outcomes and Longevity.

Life after AWL-Program

 At HiACHIEVR we don’t let you hang dry after 12 weeks. The AWL program is just the beginning. We will invite the graduates to join the AWL support community where you will learn more about AWL through a combination of various events and programs to enhance your understanding and practice of wellness. You will be challenged as an individual along with your family to live your life to a full extend.

Is the HiACHIEVR AWL-System For You?

  • Do you spend more than 6 hours a day sitting – at your desk, commuting, meetings, and sedentary home entertainment?
  • Do you know all the implications of a sedentary lifestyle on Health, Life Expectancy, Personal Performance and Business Productivity?
  • Are you currently working on the improvement of your Business Productivity? 
  • Is your Work-Life balance affecting the quality of your relationships? 
  • Do you experience lack of time?
  • Do you participate in physical activities without improving your wellness in a significant way?
  • Have you considered time after retirement as an exciting Life Adventure rather than just a final chapter of your life?

If so, take an action and contact us for a free consultation.

HiACHIEVR Background

HiACHIEVR evolved from the Infinite Mountain Adventure (IMA) project; a Leadership Concept Program developed by Tony Olejnicki in 2009.

“The intention was to empower executives with courage and skills to ‘Get Out of a Comfort Zone’ and become a better executive-leader”

The approach to achieve this goal was through a physiological, cultural and psychological challenge of the high altitude climb (6200m) in the Himalayas. An unexpected result was short term improvement in Cognitive Availability, clarity of thought and metabolic Energy. Knowledge and experience gained within the IMA project and supported with relevant background studies in neurology, exercise physiology, and behavioural psychology are transferrable to the HiACHIEVR Active Work-Life System. Ten days at a high altitude has a beneficial impact on neurogenesis in the brain stimulated by the lower partial pressure of oxygen, challenges and new experiences.

Similarly, the AWL-System helps sedentary employees improve Cognitive Availability, mental and physical Efficiency, Resilience and Health prospects. The mechanism of neurogenesis within the AWL-System it different. It is the active work habits improve brain oxygenation and plasticity as a result of improved cognitive availability and diversity.

As a by-product of the AWL-System, the Body Immunity increases for a better prospect of defeating everpresent pathogens such as flu or recent COVID-19. The research on all aspects of COVID-19 is less than 6 months old but the results indicate that immunity and body resilience is a significant factor in fighting successfully the virus as well as preventing catastrophic health outcomes. People with high immunity, without underlying sedentary conditions (comorbidities), are less susceptible to viral pathogens and can overcome them more efficiently.

At HiACHIEVR, we are passionate about improving the life quality of sedentary workers through a physiological transformation after 66,000 hours of sitting (typical 40 years old inactive employee).