John Doe

John Doe

Tony Olejnicki, exercise physiologist, engineer, adventurer, creator of HiACHIEVR and AWL-System

How to Improve Employee Energy and Engagement?

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Communications and Employee Engagement

The importance of communication cannot be overstated but is it enough? A kind word from the boss given at the right moment and friendly communication between peers can increase the overall ‘energy’ of the office synonymous with increased morale and non-toxic culture. It is, however, very unstable energy because it lacks a sustainable basis.

Create Resilient Psychological Bandwidth

This is all nice and useful but it may be difficult to sustain because just nice communication doesn’t create resilience and the bandwidth to deal with chronic stress. A psychological bandwidth reduced by chronic stress will prevent anyone with a sane mind to be happy and engaged.

Office work is a serious undertaking and psychological games. All psychological and motivational techniques fail when the pressure and stress go up and exceeds the threshold of personal bandwidth. A minty is not sufficient in moments like this, however, more time and real metabolic energy to pull you through can solve this problem.

The power of Physiological Transformation

The magic of increased metabolic energy comes only with a physiological transformation It enables an increase of cognitive availability and the energy derived from a sustainable metabolism.

The Active Office System will boost the cognitive availability of a sedentary office worker from 3 to 8 hours. If combined with process improvement it offers 50-70% productivity improvement. It also stimulates natural human openness and engagement.

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The NEAT concept of the HiACHIEVR AWL-system based on the research by Dr James Levine helps to develop sustainable active behaviour habits for life balancing metabolic energy, keeping your stomach in check and controlling neurochemical pressure driven by cultural preferences. It will help you to double cognitive availability and time available for work and life.

HiACHIEVR physiological transformation


Office Productivity is vital for any business. Cognitive Availability is fundamental to double Productivity and revenue without applying undue stress toward the staff. HiACHIEVR AOS empowers employees to increase Productivity with increased Cognitive Availability, Metabolic Energy and exceptional health outcomes.