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John Doe

Tony Olejnicki, exercise physiologist, engineer, adventurer, creator of HiACHIEVR and AWL-System


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The NEAT concept adopted by the HiACHIEVR AWL-system is a brainchild stemming from revolutionary research in early 2000 by Dr James Levine, and many who followed him, on sedentary conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. NEAT is an acronym of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It simply means burning fat with low-level activity over the entire day.

The orthodox approach to combat sedentary diseases is to prescribe diet and exercise along with the medications. Much of the research focused on this approach is driven by the rush for monetisation of various diet and exercise methodologies.

A simple evolutionary concept of activity was not only too obvious, too simple and not profitable for researchers and practitioners but it was not exciting for researchers because it was not sufficiently innovative and technologically disruptive to entice PhD thesis to validate such a simple idea.

Certainly, many diets can bring the weight down in particular if combined with exercise. For many people, it is a quick solution. Most of the dieters and exercisers, however, are unable to sustain this boot camp regime because it is too onerous with time demand as well as physical and mental effort.  It is hard for a modern office worker, working overtime to sustain the modern consumer-driven lifestyle to master time and energy after exhausting day sitting in the chair for 8 hours a day. The temptation to recline in a comfortable armchair and watch the favourite show is greater than the walk, run or bike ride.

It is all about balancing metabolic energy, keeping your stomach in check and controlling neurochemical pressure driven by cultural preferences. 

40-hours working week is the latest 20-century invention inspired by Henry Ford automated production line. It met his objective to create consumer demand for his mass-produced car, Model-T. Other industrialists were forced to follow this disruptive concept.

In the scale of 300,000 years of human evolution, these are only 4 generations of 12,000, not sufficient to counteract mobility and eating habits coded by evolution to human DNA. This is the reason why dieting and exercising are not sustainable, for most, even if supported by modern medical interventions.

Three meals a day with another three or more snacks are another cultural habit of the 20 century enhanced by stress snacking, demand for instant results and heavy advertising sponsored by food and beverage industries. These habits fuelled by excessive soda and alcohol consumption are the major cause of the obesity of the epidemic scale.

One glass of wine a day translates to 100 bottles of wine a year or about $1500.

Independent science not sponsored by food, alcohol and exercise industry supports concept of NEAT activity and circadian nutrition system (CNS). Canadian OHS standard for office workers stipulates 45 minutes of standing work per hour followed by 15 minutes sitting rest.

What it means in practice that developing NEAT and CNS habits are not only beneficial for long term weight loss sustainability and health but also create improvement in cognitive availability hence doubling your time available for work and life.

The HiACHIEVR AWL-System helps to develop sustainable active behaviour habit and CNS for life in 12-weeks program.

Contact us for a free consultation on how to change your life quality and work productivity.

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